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Whitening skin by cosmetic

Whitening skin is a premium cosmetic product, just like a woman in her thirties was in her twenties. If you want to be reborn into…

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Educational Definition, Meaning, Context

The understanding of education is the process of changing the attitudes and behaviors of a person or group of people in an effort to conduct…

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ORIGAMY: Synthetic Biology Fiction

So I’m a bunch of the way through Rachel Armstrong’s ORIGAMY now, and here’s the thing: There’s a field of rogue mutant hair transplants, and…

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State Of The Connection

I neither like nor trust Facebook, but I’m using it again, partly to examine it once more, partly because I think they’ve probably won the…

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Recent Quotes 17feb18

Xefirotarch makes vampire architecture. The reasons for this go beyond the now well-known series of incidents at the group’s recent SF MoMA show, during which,…

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Reblog, Or: Little Radio Stations In The Night

On my newsletter last weekend, I wrote this: Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to go full-bore blog again, like in the old days….

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Figuring out a way to make LinkedIn rebuild and expand my network and contacts list, i.e. the only thing it was ever good for Learning…

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Yeah, I turned fifty last week. Might as well memorialize it here in my journal. Below is the photo I took that day as I…

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BLACK EDGE, by Sheelah Kolhatkar, is the story of Steve Cohen, financial wizard and insider-trading pirate, his weird life and the strange, damaged people who fell into…

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